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118bet网址多少 since we started staying at home and social-distancing/isolating. The month simultaneously feels like an entire year and a single moment at once. To keep my mind somewhat sound and my body not in a complete state of disuse I’m trying to practice self-care above all else, certainly above productivity, although that comes and goes depending on the day. My self-care routine mostly consists of yoga, a healthy amount of sleep, good homemade food, loads of tea, time with my partner.

I mean, at this point it would be hard for us to spend time APART as even our computer desks are next to each other, but I’m talking about共度美好时光就像你知道的,一边一起做饭,一边为我们的烤玉米饼里应该放多少奶酪而争吵(不要奶制品,走开),一边坐下来吃晚饭,一边讨论一天中非常重要的事情,比如我们新收养的猫咬着我们的电线,布鲁克林九号马拉松,花一个小时决定当晚看什么电影,然后看电影(最近的一次尝试是在中部,天哪,我们刚刚看了什么,我会康复吗?)偶尔一起玩一些精彩的视频游戏,比如《命运2》,绝对不会玩那种让我想把显示器扔到房间另一边的糟糕的守望游戏(我们也肯定不只是点了一个仁慈杯, nope).


Adopting Cotton, a sweet Turkish Angora gentleman, has been the highlight of our isolation. How did we survive without a pet before? How do people survive without pets during an apocalypse? Sir Cotton is providing so much emotional support for us right now, that it’s hard to imagine life before.

My friend was fostering this dapper guy and we absolutely fell in love with him when we saw the photos and came to meet him. He was extremely shy in our house at first, and basically hid in the bathroom nook for two days, and then all of sudden came out of his shell and turned into the sweetest love bug.

All of this might make me sound like a cat person which I am not (I am a dog person first! we will adopt all the dogs once we have a house and a backyard!), but I just love him because he’s actually AFFECTIONATE and likes to be held, and extremely playful. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s so damn cute. LOOK at those blue eyes. Sir Cotton has his ownInstagram account,当然。

It’s Cherry Blossom Season!

我有点难过,我没有充分享受今年的樱花季节。但我尽我所能享受它。天气很好,今年春天来得很早,三月底一切都开了花!在州政府批准的日常散步中,我们发现了几棵美丽的木兰树,还有几棵白色和粉色的樱花树。一天晚上,我们还开车去了我们这个以樱花闻名的地区的公园,在那里只呆了几分钟,因为我们不想在公园里聚集和拥挤。这个公园和我们地区的其他公园都被关闭了。我也为此感到难过,但考虑到有多少人会到公园里与一群人交往,这是可以理解的。直到明年,樱花盛开!(´• ᴗ •̥`✿)

Hello, Latte Machine

I didn’t understand my partner’s obsession with getting a latte machine until we went into full lockdown mode. No latte for a month has been a rather sorry state of affairs. I know, I know, first world problems. I am genuinely grateful that we’re healthy, all the important people in my life are as well (*knock on wood*), and that the worst thing that happened so far is that our dishwasher broke and since it’s the end of the world no one out there is trying to fix any dishwasher machines so we’re just stuck battling mountains of dishes everyday by ourselves. However, undeniably, good coffee makes us happy, so after a month of no lattes, we finally caved in and bought a latte machine. It’s been so wonderful, and the latte tastes AMAZING. I’m looking forward to OD-ing on all the almond milk lattes, and experimenting with making some other drinks like Vietnamese Iced Coffee.

Farewell and stay safe!

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